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There is no product capable of substituting itself completely for human blood. The gift of blood is thus irreplaceable and essential to save a life. Needs in blood products are in constant increase due to the aging population and new medical practices (chemotherapy, cardiovascular surgery...), but the donations do not follow this ever growing demand.

                               10% more donations are needed each year.

Etablissement Français du Sang - EFS Alsace

10 rue Spielmann - Strasbourg
+33(0)3 88 21 25 25

adresse-donFRANCE - ADOT
Organ & human tissues donation
1A Place des Orphelins - Strasbourg
            +33(0)3 88 14 00 88

adresse-donAgence de Biomédecine
Removal & organ donation
0+33(0)1 55 93 65 50

adresse-donFrance Greffe de Moelle

PLATELET donation:

Platelets are small cells produced by the bone marrow such as red and white blood cells. They play a role in blood clotting to prevent and stop bleeding. They are essential to cure chemotherapy treated adults and children suffering from leukemia or cancers.
Platelets can be transfused like the red blood cells. They cannot retain their quality more than 5 days, so reserves and stocks are impossible to build up. That is why a constant daily flow of  donors must be available throughout the year.

A platelet donation lasts between 2 and 2:30 hours (medical interview, sampling and snack included). The donor is comfortably settled in an armchair (reading and movie are offered).

Donors must be aged between 18 and 65 with a minimum weight of 50kg.

The maximum frequency is 5 donations a year with a minimum interval of 4 weeks between the gifts.

One donation of platelets enables the transfusion from 1 to 2 adults or 3 children.

"How can we accept to see a human being die because others did not know they could save him ..."

For further information please contact the EFS  (Etablissements Français du Sang) :

+33(0)3 88 21 25 25
10 rue Spielmann - 67000 Strasbourg



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